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  • Meteor is dedicated to providing OUTSTANDING PARTY PRODUCTS.
  • We offer the best products at the best value. 
  • Meteor is the industry INNOVATOR in creating new types of party supplies and merchandising display programs. 
  • Meteor offers the broadest range of ACCESSORIES so that Retail Customers can create perfect, coordinated parties. 
  • Meteor PACKAGING is bright and attractive, ensuring that product will stand out on retail shelves. Headers and Labels are expertly designed to entice Consumer interest, incorporating appropriate design elements and reflecting the product within. 
  • Meteor provides superior Customer SUPPORT. Our professionally-trained Sales Staff and Customer Service Representatives are knowledgeable, friendly and accessible, via phone, fax and email. 
  • Meteor’s state-of-the-art WAREHOUSE procedures enable us to ship orders quickly and efficiently. EDI service is also available for direct transmission and handling of orders
  • WHOLESALERS, DISTRIBUTORS & RETAILERS – If you wish to become a customer, you can contact us by completing our distributor application form. Once complete, a Meteor representative will contact you with further information on how to view and order our products on-line.